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NordicTrack elliptical review
NordicTrack elliptical review

NordicTrack elliptical review

There are many different ellipticals in the NordicTrack line. All of these machines provide you with a superb workout for burning fat and toning up your muscles.

They provide a smooth elliptical movement that not only works at all the major muscle groups in your body, but provides low impact on the joints and bones. With the smooth ellipses, you do not have to bend your knees of lift your feet from the pedals. The pedals on the NordicTrack ellipticals are closer together to give you a more natural feel to your stride.

The stride length of 18 inches is within the ideal range for providing you with the ultimate workout.

The training zone of the NordicTrack elliptical machines depends on your pace, incline and resistance level. The machine will automatically sense your pace and provide the workout you need. If you wish to change the incline or resistance level, you can do so at any time without having to stop. A simple push of a button does it all for you.

The Training Zone feature of the console lights up to inform you what level you are in - warm up, weight loss, aerobic exercise, or endurance training. There is a cooling system that helps to keep you comfortable by supplying a refreshing breeze as you exercise.

You get a high intensity, low impact workout from any of the preset programs on these ellipticals. The machines are compatible with iFit programs so you can customize your workout and add new programs, even though there are up to 19 programs preset on the machines.

The heart rate sensors are conveniently built into the hand grips that you only have to grip to get an accurate reading of your pulse. With the Open Stride feature you will feel as if you are out for a walk without the pounding motion of your feet and you can add the impression of walking up and down hills by changing the incline features.

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