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Can I lose weight using an elliptical trainer?
The answer to this question is "yes" you can lose weight using an elliptical trainer, but you have to combine the exercise sessions with a weight loss program.

Conversion 11 elliptical/stepper review
The Conversion 11 elliptical/stepper gives you two pieces of exercise equipment in one machine. This provides you with many more opportunities to vary your workouts.

Diamondback 1150 EL elliptical review
The Diamondback 1150 EL elliptical has been redesigned to include changes in both the mechanics and the electronics.

Diamondback 300 EL elliptical review
The Diamondback 300EL elliptical cross trainer is the perfect machine for home exercise.

Diamondback 800 ER elliptical review
The Diamondback 800 ER elliptical trainer provides a sleek workout with a smooth silent stride.

Endurance Xtrainer 3.01 elliptical review
It is very user friendly and does not require any instructions regarding the use of the machine or the types of programs.

Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 elliptical review
The Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 is a model of elliptical machines that allows you to lock and unlock the handles.

Fitness Quest eclipse 1000HR elliptical review
With the Fitness Quest 1000HR elliptical, you don't have to worry about adjusting the foot peddles.

Fitness Quest Eclipse 1100 HR/A elliptical review
For a good combination of performance and affordability the Fitness Eclipse models are worth a second look.

Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100 HR/A elliptical review
The Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100 HR/A offers an expanded magnetic and electronic resistance from that found on the Eclipse 2100 HR.

Fitness Quest Eclipse 4100HR/A elliptical review
There is very little difference between the Fitness Quest Eclipse 4100 HR/A and the 4100 HR.

Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 elliptical review
Consumers who have purchased the Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 elliptical are delighted no only with the price but with the weight of the machine.

Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 elliptical review
The Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 Elliptical has been called the Cadillac of elliptical machines.

Momentum ellipticals review
Momentum ellipticals allow you to enjoy the comfort of exercising on an elliptical machine at home without taking up valuable floor space. These machines provide you with low impact workouts in a smooth elliptical motion.

Momentum 700 elliptical review
The Momentum 700 is designed to add innovation to your daily workout. In addition to the low impact exercise, this machine has many aerobic benefits to give you a great cardiovascular workout.

Momentum 750 elliptical review
For an effective fat burning workout at an affordable price, the Momentum 750 from Weslo provides you with a high intensity low impact workout.

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