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Are elliptical exercise machines good for you?
Elliptical exercise machines provide you with a low impact, highly intensive workout that cannot be rivalled by other fitness equipment.

MultiSports Elliptix 2100 dual-action crosstrainer review
The MultiSports Elliptix 2100 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer is designed for users who just want to get on the machine and start exercising.

MultiSports Elliptix 2200 dual-action crosstrainer review
You will get a true elliptical motion with the MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer because of the programmable Eddy Current Electronic Breaking System.

MultiSports Elliptix 2300 dual-action crosstrainer review
This crosstrainer features the Eddy Current Electronic Braking System. This means there are no belts of pulleys and you receive fluid and smooth elliptical movements every time you exercise.

MultiSports Elliptix 4100 dual-action crosstrainer review
With the MultiSports Elliptx 4100 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer you will get a low impact workout with maximum intensity for every major muscle group in your body.

MultiSports Elliptix 4200 dual-action crosstrainer review
You get outstanding features at an affordable price when you use the MultiSports 4200 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer. This machine helps you to burn fat at am amazing rate in only 20 minutes a day.

New Balance 9.0e elliptical review
The 9.0e model has replaced the New Balance 9.0 elliptical so that taller and heavier people can exercise in comfort. Everything has been made larger on this machine, from the foot pedals to the seat.

New Balance 9.5e elliptical review
The New Balance 9.5e elliptical has been called the ultimate elliptical for home use. The new technology that has been added to this machine places it far above the 9.5 from New Balance.

NordicTrack CX 925 elliptical review
If you want a great elliptical machine that gives you smooth elliptical movements combined with an affordable price, then the Nordic Track CX 925 is the machine for you.

NordicTrack CX 990 elliptical review
The Quick Ramp feature of the NordicTrack CX990 offers a new angle of exercising on an elliptical machine. With this feature you can change the incline on the machine as you stride along.

NordicTrack CX 1055 elliptical review
Exercising has never been easier once you try the NordicTrack CX1055 elliptical. This machine has 19 built in workout programs for you to choose from.

Octane elliptical review
With an Octane elliptical, you will have the QuadLink Drive for a smoother safer elliptical workout. This technology is unique to Octane ellipticals, which makes them stand out from all other brands.

Octane q35 elliptical review
The Octane Q35 elliptical is available as the 35 model or the 35e model. Both designs are similar, but there are differences between them.

Octane 45 elliptical review
If the Octane 45 is the model that you choose, you need to look at the differences between the 45 and the 45e before you finalize your purchase.

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