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Elliptical machine buying guide
Elliptical Machine Buying Guide You really do need to know what you are looking for when you buy an elliptical machine.

Remanufactured Star trac elliptical edge review
The purchase of a remanufactured Star Trac Elliptical Edge gives you the opportunity to get one of the most expensive elliptical machines at a really great price.

Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer review
The Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer has been named the best buy is exercise equipment for 2005. This model gives you a smooth and fluid exercise session without any jarring motions to your joints and bones.

Schwinn 428 elliptical trainer review
When you want to make sure you have a machine that will exercise all your muscles at the same time, the Schwinn 428 is the one you need.

Sharper Image foldaway elliptical strider review
The Foldaway elliptical strider allows you to exercise whenever you want and when you are finished this machine simply folds up to a compact size and you can store it away under your bed or put it in the closet.

Smooth CE elliptical review
The Smooth CE provides you with the best possible workout whether you want a cardio workout, strength training or you want to lose weight.

Smooth ME, Smooth PE and Smooth SE review
The Smooth ME elliptical machine is the least expensive of the Smooth ellipticals. It provides you with a smooth fluid workout with low impact on your knees and ankles.

Spirit MX series ellipticals review
The Spirit MX series of ellipticals are designed for home use to give users the opportunity to exercise on a professional machine in the comfort of their own homes.

Spirit ZE50 elliptical review
When you use a Spirit ZE50, you can have all the benefits of a machine that you would use at a professional gym or health center.

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