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Elliptical vs treadmill
Two of the most commonly used pieces of exercise equipment are elliptical machines and treadmills.

Stamina programmable elliptical crosstrainer review
The Stamina Programmable Elliptical CrossTrainer is the perfect one for you to use at home because it was designed solely for home use.

Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 elliptical review
The Natural runner feature of the Star Trac EE4630 ensures that you exercise in the same natural movements as are involved in walking and running on the track.

Star Trac Natural Runner Plus EE5230 elliptical review
The EE 52230 model of the Star Trac Natural Runner Plus has a new upper body component. This makes it much easier to make one of your exercise sessions a cardio workout to target every major muscle group in the body.

Star Trac Natural Runner Plus Remanufactured review
You will feel as if you are actually running on the track, but without the impact, when you use the Star Trac Natural Runner Plus.

Tunturi C3 Manual Elliptical Crosstrainer review
Designed exclusively for home use, the Tunturi C3 manual elliptical crosstrainer is really easy to use. With 8 resistance levels to choose from you can choose the one you want and start exercising.

Tunturi C6 Programmable Elliptical Crosstrainer review
The Tunturi C6 programmable elliptical crosstrainer is the elliptical for those who really want to have the best fitness equipment that they can use at home.

Vision X6100 elliptical review
With the vision X6100, you get a low impact exercise workout on a great weight bearing machine.

Vision X6200 HRT elliptical review
The Vision X6200 elliptical has 9 preset programs to keep you motivated and allows you to vary your program whenever you want.

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