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conversion 11 elliptical/stepper review
conversion 11 elliptical/stepper review

Conversion 11 elliptical/stepper review

The Conversion 11 elliptical/stepper gives you two pieces of exercise equipment in one machine. This provides you with many more opportunities to vary your workouts.

You can target different muscles and get two great workouts.

With the elliptical feature of the machine, you get a low impact workout for the entire range of muscles in the body. You can work your upper and lower muscles by using the dual action handlebars so that your arms and legs are moving at the same time.

The elliptical stride means that you are not putting any stress on your joints and bones because there is no pounding effect even though it feels as if you are walking or running. There is a large tension knob that lets you adjust the resistance to the level that you want.

The stair stepper feature of the machine provides independent stepping action and you can still use the magnetic tension button to have various levels of resistance in your workout. In addition to providing fat burning exercises the stair stepper will help to firm and tone your legs, buttocks, hips and thighs.

It is very easy to convert the machine from an elliptical to a stepper.

The display monitor gives you information regarding each workout session such as the time, speed and distance that you need to be able to monitor your progress.

You can easily move the machine from one room to another or store in an out of the way place because of the wheels that make it easy to push the machine around.

The handgrips are padded with foam so they are very comfortable to hold on to and the magnetic resistance of the machine is extremely quiet.

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