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diamondback elliptical crosstrainer review
diamondback elliptical crosstrainer review

Diamondback Elliptical Crosstrainer review

The experience and skill of the Diamondback engineers has earned the company the reputation of being one of the best manufacturers of fitness equipment on the market.

Already well known for their bicycles, Diamondback brings the same level of excellence to its elliptical trainers. 

Diamondback elliptical are available in a full line of sleek, modern fitness equipment with all the extras you look for when choosing exercise equipment.

These ellipticals contain hands free heart rate display, micro-levels of resistance and are both comfortable and convenient.

These machines help you train both your upper and lower body, giving you the effect of having two machines in one with the ability to convert to a stair climber. 

Diamondback produces the quietest ellipticals on the market. The smoothness of the machines give you the feeling you are walking on air. 

With these ellipticals you do not need to have an extra power source. The manual control allows you to use it anywhere in the room because of the battery power.

The console programs have LCD readouts and large screens. You can set the count down to help you target your calorie burn off and time your exercises. 

Even if you have an injury to your ankles, legs or hips, these ellipticals are the perfect exercise equipment for you to use. Trainers love the incline option to give them more resistance and allow them to get the most out of their exercise routine. 

The choice of machines depends on your budget and Diamondback has something to suit everyone with its ellipticals. You can get machines that cost less than $1000.00, but most of them average between $1000 and $2000. You really need to try out the machine before you buy it, so you will know if it suits your needs.

If you're not quite sure which elliptical is right for you, check out the following reviews of various models specifically outlined to clear up any doubts. 

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