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endurance elliptical review
endurance elliptical review

Endurance elliptical review

Endurance ellipticals are synonymous with quality.

These machines are built to last, which is why the company provides a lifetime warranty with each one.

Before any Endurance elliptical goes to market it is field tested in high traffic commercial fitness clubs. Each and every part if under warranty, so you know that when you purchase one of these ellipticals you will not have to spend any more money on replacement parts.

Endurance ellipticals are smooth and quiet providing you with the best cardiovascular workout of any elliptical machine.

They feature built in workout programs that were designed by professional fitness trainers to give you a toned and sculpted body by exercising only 20 minutes a day.

The elliptical machines work on every major muscle group in your body because they work your arms and legs simultaneously.

By working the muscles in this manner, they help to stabilize your body's metabolic rate and get it up to levels that help you burn off fat. 

Elliptical machines provide a low impact workout.

There is no jarring of the bones and joints in your feet and legs because you do not have to step or keep bending your knees.

You achieve an elliptical movement by moving the pedals and even though it mimics a walking or jogging movement, you actually feel as if you are weightless.

You can determine the intensity of the workout by adjusting the resistance levels. Choosing one of the programs gives you a warm up and cool down period at each end of the workout that is suited to your exercise level. 

If you're not quite sure which elliptical is right for you, check out the following reviews of various models specifically outlined to clear up any doubts. 

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