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Fitness Quest Eclipse Elliptical review
Fitness Quest Eclipse Elliptical review

Fitness Quest Eclipse Elliptical review

The Eclipse elliptical from Fitness Quest will help you to get your body in shape and burn calories at the same time by exercising for only 20 minutes a day.

While you might think that this is not enough time to spend on an exercise machine, the total cardiovascular workout you receive enable your body to reach the target heart rate to burn the maximum amount of calories.

The workout will achieve the same results as if you spent a longer period of time on a treadmill or jogging, but with less impact on your joints.

The Eclipse will give you a low impact workout that will not damage any joints, muscles or tissues in the body and still let you get the results you want.

The elliptical machines from Fitness Quest give you the same fluid motion as other machine, but with a cheaper price tag.

One of the things most people look at when purchasing an elliptical is the price and Fitness Quest has machines that will easily fit within your budget.

The low impact stride that you get with this fluid motion feels like you are walking naturally. The consoles keep track of the time and distance you exercise as well as your heart rate. This is an important feature of any exercise machine because you want to be able to see how well you are doing. 

Most people set a target distance for themselves and compete against themselves in subsequent exercise sessions to try to improve their speed.

The saving ability of the machine lets you compare each exercise session and see how your heart rate is improving as you continue to make progress.

The fact that you can set a target heart rate before you start is really good because this is what you try to meet and you know it's time to start slowing down if you start to exceed it.

The consoles also have a calories burned display, which really helps your weight loss program when you are counting every calorie.

With the 10 preset programs to add variety to your workout and the 2 heart rate controlled programs for an unbelievable price, the Fitness Quest Eclipse ellipticals are certainly worth a second look.

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Fitness Quest Eclipse Elliptical

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