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Healthrider elliptical review
Healthrider elliptical review

Healthrider elliptical review

Healthrider elliptical machines feature the Healthrider technology that provides a total body workout using a unique leverage system to make sure that all the major muscle groups in the body get the workout they need.

It provides a lower intensity workout to help get your body toned up without putting any unnecessary stress on the joints and bones. 

The soft track cushioning of the Healthrider elliptical machines uses a soft track treadbelt to absorb the impact of your stride.

You do not feel any impact or jarring sensation as you exercise so that the routine actually is fun to do and you look forward to it. The biologic training is the name given to the pulse control on these ellipticals.

It allows you to get a reading of your pulse as you exercise while still having your hands free to hold on to the rails. This is the most accurate way of getting a pulse reading so that you can reach your target heart rate and maintain a top-notch cardio vascular workout.

The pulse driven programs have workouts built in that are based on your heart rate to help you customize your workout.

With Healthrider ellipticals you have your own personal trainer at home. You can have a variety in your workout by choosing one of the preset programs.

In addition, Healthrider provides videos to help you get the most out of your workout. Set up the machine and turn on the TV. The video will teach you how to use the machine to get the maximum benefit for a total body workout. 

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