elliptical trainer reviews
Ironman ellipticals review
Ironman ellipticals review

Ironman ellipticals review

The Ironman elliptical machines have forward mounted wheels and are extremely quiet when you are operating one of them.

There are no loose components that can work loose and cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Although the arm movements are not perfect, they do feel natural - the way you would move your arms if you were cross country skiing.

They do not have an adjustable incline feature, but for most people this is not a problem. The resistance levels provide the intensity of workout that you need for a good cardio workout.

The steel frame of the Ironman ellipticals provide you with a long-lasting machine for your exercise needs.

The various models of this brand have different stride lengths, so you do need to know what would be a suitable stride for you.

The ideal stride is from 17 to 21 inches. Short people feel more comfortable using a shorter stride than this measurement, such as the Ironman 320e with a 16 inch stride.

The machines have varying numbers of resistance levels beginning at very low and working up to strenuous levels.

Users choose the one that best suits the exercise intensity they want to have for each workout session. The 320e, 500e and 600e models all have different types of preset programs built into each model as well as a heart rate monitor and the usual display features found on most ellipticals on the market.

The computer console tracks the time, speed, distance , heart rate and calories burned for each of your workouts to help you decide whether the resistance level is too much or too little for you.

You need a level that will get your heart pumping at the target heart rate to give your exercise maximum efficiency for burning calories and toning up the muscles.

If you're not quite sure which elliptical is right for you, check out the following reviews of various models specifically outlined to clear up any doubts. 

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