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kettler ellipticals review
kettler ellipticals review

Kettler ellipticals review

The design and the features included on the Kettler ellipticals make these machines one of the most durable and efficient cross trainers available.

From the built in workouts to the console displays every part of your exercise routine can be controlled according to your specific exercise needs.

They provide you with a smooth total body workout that targets the major muscle groups in your upper and lower body. The dual action arm handles and foot pedals synchronize your movements to simulate a natural stride for walking or jogging.

The incline feature on the Kettler elliptical is fixed, but the number of resistance levels available to you, especially on the Mondeo model, certainly makes up for the lack of an adjustable incline.

You can choose to use either the heart rate monitor in the hand grips or you can use an electronic ear clip, if that is what makes you more comfortable. The models have bi-directional movements to maximize your muscle and cardio workouts.

The stride length on the Kettler models is 16 inches which is prefect for people of average height, but may be a little short for taller individuals. The information that the console provides gives you everything you need to have a knowledgeable and safe workout.

The Kettler ellipticals are built according to strict standards so you know that the machines are safe for you to use and are able to withstand a lot of weight.

Some models have knobs to control the resistance while others have the levels electronically controlled. The foot plates are not only non-slip, but they are adjustable as well, to make you as comfortable as possible when you exercise.

They also have wheels on the front of the machine so that you can move them very easily to any room of your home.

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