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life fitness elliptical review
life fitness elliptical review

Life Fitness Elliptical

The Life Fitness elliptical has the same reliable reputation as all Life Fitness products. The company started with an exercise bike 20 years ago and still continues to day with a full line of exercise equipment for home and commercial use.

The elliptical cross trainers are perfect for home use because they allow you to exercise in a fluid and smooth manner that imitates the natural movements of walking.

The different models of Life Fitrness ellipticals are the ones most often chosen for recreation centers and commercial gyms. Once you have used one of these at the gym you will want to have one of your own so you can exercise at your leisure.

The 9500 and 9100 models of the Life Fitness cross trainers are available as remanufactured models that still have all the features of a new machine, but at significantly lower price tag.

These machines can support up to 400 pounds of weight for even the heaviest user. They provide a total body workout for all of the muscles groups in the body because you work both your upper and lower muscles at the same time.

The exercise is intense, yet low impact on the knees, ankles and other joints and bones because your feet never leave the pedals. You don't have to be constantly bending your knees and pounding your feet on a track.

These ellipticals also have preset programs so you can vary your workout and train just as you would at the gym. The heart rate control monitors your heart rate by using chest strap.

The strap is not included in the purchase of the machine so you have to buy it extra. It is extremely important that you do have this accessory so that you will know when you are exercising to your maximum limit and therefore burning more calories. The machine adjusts the intensity of the workout to suit your heart rate.

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