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New Balance ellipticals review
New Balance ellipticals review

New Balance ellipticals review

The New Balance line of elliptical machines has been completely redesigned to fit taller users. Most ellipticals are designed for people of medium height and taller people need to have a longer stride length in order to be comfortable as they exercise.

These machines give you the feeling that you are using one of the ellipticals at the health club rather than exercising at home. Exercise has become very important as people realize the value it has for their health and weight.

This has led to an increase in sales of elliptical cross trainers because of the low impact, high intensity workout one can achieve in a short period of time.

With the New Balance models of 9.0 e and 9.5 e, the designers have taken the concerns of consumers to heart and have come up with machines that provide a comfortable workout with maximum performance.

These machine provide a smooth elliptical pattern that does not put any undue stress on your knees and ankles because you feet do not leave the pedals. The mechanics of the machines are built for durability. With one of the New Balance ellipticals you are worry free regarding maintenance and repair.

The New Balance ellipticals have comform technology with oversized pedals that have two workout options allowing you to vary your exercise routine to make sure you get a good workout for all of your muscles.

The top side of the pedals are textured and have a contour that will grip the bottom of your footwear to ensure a reliable support for your feet. There is no chance of your feet slipping off these pedals. No matter what shoe size you wear, you will be able to exercise in comfort on pedals designed to accommodate up to a size 13 in men's footwear.

The seats are extra wide with extra foam padding - all with your comfort in mind.

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