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Octane elliptical review
Octane elliptical review

Octane elliptical review

With an Octane elliptical, you will have the QuadLink Drive for a smoother safer elliptical workout. This technology is unique to Octane ellipticals, which makes them stand out from all other brands.

These machine have superior quality, durability and exceptionally motivating electronics to help you get the best workout possible.

The models within the Octane line of ellipticals include the Octane 35 and 35 e and the Octane 45 and 45e. Although these models are quite similar they each have some distinguishing features that makes them different from each other. The Octane manufacturers have included breakthrough technology on their machines and the machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure that each model adheres to strict standards.

Because of the attention paid to detail, Octane ellipticals are found in all professional and commercial health centers. There are also models containing the same features available in smaller models for home use.

These machines take up a much smaller space in your home than other brands of ellipticals. The pedals are oversized and have a 2 inch spacing to give you a more natural feel to each elliptical movement. They have a step up feature to make it easier to get on and off the machine. They contain all the features you need to give you information on the progress of your workout, such as heart rate, time elapsed, speed, distance and calories burned.

The multi- position handlebars ensure you are using the correct posture while exercising. The upper arm levers provide a natural arm movement while still providing you with a total body workout. Only the best components go into the manufacturing process, so that consumers know they are purchasing a quality machine.

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