elliptical trainer reviews
Orbitrek elliptical trainer review
Orbitrek elliptical trainer review

Orbitrek elliptical trainer review

The many features of the Orbitrek elliptical trainer make is a fantastic piece of exercise equipment for burning fat, trimming and sculpting your muscles, raining your body's metabolism and giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

What more could you ask for? This machine is the only one you need to have for exercising because it provides you with the workout you need to exercise all the major muscle groups in your body. Some of the features of the Orbitrek elliptical trainer that makes this the ultimate exercise machine are

  • The movements are perfectly natural and are the exact same as you would normally move if you were walking or jogging
  • The pedals and the arm levers work all of your body so that the upper body moves in a synchronized fashion with the lower section.
  • In addition to giving you a great workout for your heart, this machine helps to improve your balance.
  • There are fans to keep your body cool while you are exercising so you won't get overheated.
  • There are readouts on the display panel so you can keep track of your progress.
  • It is very light and it has wheels so you can easily move it from one room to another.

In addition to these features, the Oritrek can hold up to 300 pounds. There is both forwards and reverse movements to allow you to vary your workout and exercise your muscles in different ways. If you prefer to only exercise your legs, there is a stationary bar for free running. You don't always have to exercise the upper body muscles. This machine also has a micro adjustable resistance, so you can set the resistance at the level you want instead of having to use the preset resistance levels that you see on other machines.

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