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Precor ellipticals review
Precor ellipticals review

Precor ellipticals review

The first elliptical crosstrainer, the EFX, was developed by Precor in 1985 and since then it has revolutionized the fitness industry. The EFX line of ellipticals offers a low impact cardiovascular workout to all users, from beginners to experienced pros.

They feature the CrossRamp, which is unique to the Precor EFX machines. This feature allows you to adjust the incline level of the ramp in order to change the muscles that are being exercised. This increases the workout for the muscles and at the same time helps to reduce muscle fatigue so you can keep going longer.

This helps you to add variety to your workout, enhancing your level of motivation and keeps you from reaching a plateau in your exercise program where you don't seem to notice any improvement.

With the smooth elliptical motion of both the forward and reverse movements, a Precor elliptical provides the closest simulation of actual walking and running.

There is no kick or bounce on your heel as you use one of these machines, thus lowering any impact that would place stress on your ankles or heels. Some of the Precor ellipticals have upper body movement that lets you move your arms and legs in a synchronized fashion for a total body workout.

The handlebars work in unison with your stride so you won't have to lean forwards to exercise on the machine or put your body in an unnatural position and feel uncomfortable.

There are pre-programmed workouts set in the machine doe you to choose from as you exercise. These range from relatively easy programs to ones that are more challenging making them well-suited to all users.

With the EFX models, there is a low rate of perceived exertion when exercising all the muscle groups in the body. This means that you won't get beat out as fast as you might normally get from vigorous exercise. These ellipticals are easy to use and run very quietly.

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