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schwinn ellipticals review
schwinn ellipticals review

Schwinn ellipticals review

Schwinn ellipticals can provide you with the low impact, total body workout that you need. The dual action handlebars on these machines let you use you arms and legs in simultaneous movements so that your upper body muscles get the workout they need in conjunction with the lower body muscles.

With these elliptical machines, you get everything you need to provide your body with a high intensity cardio workout. You don't have to get off an elliptical and then use another machine to workout other muscles.

You get a safe and efficient workout with Schwinn ellipticals because there is no impact to your knees and ankles. Those with knee and back problems can get the workout they need because the elliptical machines do not require you to lift your legs and therefore there is no pounding impact when your feet hit the ground.

You don't have to take your feet off the foot plates. The foot plates on the Schwinn models are articulating, which means you can adjust them to fit your height to help you to be comfortable.

It also simulates the natural movement of walking and running more closely than any other elliptical. The stride length is 18 inches- suitable for a wide range of users.

The elliptical movements are smooth and fluid, but best of all these machines are almost silent. You will not feel any vibration on the machine, even when you get up to high speeds. These ellipticals also have all the features you want in a cross trainer, such as the LED display to give you details about your time, speed, distance and the calories you burned in each session.

The heart rate monitor is located in the hand grips and provides you with the numbers you need to keep track of your target heart rate for maximum calorie burning.

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