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spirit mx elliptical review
spirit mx elliptical review

Spirit MX series ellipticals review

The Spirit MX series of ellipticals are designed for home use to give users the opportunity to exercise on a professional machine in the comfort of their own homes.

This series of ellipticals carries one of the best warranties offered by any company - a lifetime warranty on the frame and the lower drive.

This tells you that this machine is built to last. Theses machine use innovative elliptical movement of the footplates to ensure that your exercise routine targets all the major muscle groups in the body to help raise the body's metabolism.

When the metabolism is in a heightened state the body is burning calories at a faster pace.

This innovative technology on the Spirit MX machines, called Para Link, minimizes any strain on the feet and ankles because it keeps the angle of the footplate stable and unchanged during the entire routine.

This feature has been approved by physical therapists because it provides users with the most natural movements and the most comfortable cross training exercise possible.

If you don't want to use the arm bars on these machines, you can leave them off entirely. However, if you do this you will not be getting a total body workout because you will only be targeting the lower body muscles.

When you do have the arm handles attached you can get the workout your arms, shoulders and chest needs for you to get a cardiovascular workout.

These machines have a heart rate monitor located in the hand grips to allow you to pay attention to your heart rate to maximize the efficiency of your workout.

There are 7 preset programs with 8 levels of resistance that allow you to have variety in your choice of exercise routine.

The console gives you information about your heart rate, speed, distance and calories and you can have the time of the routine either descending or ascending.

The 21 inch stride allows you to focus on firming and toning your leg muscles and it is also good for all sizes of users.

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