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Stamina elliptical crosstrainer
Stamina programmable elliptical crosstrainer

Stamina programmable elliptical crosstrainer

The Stamina Programmable Elliptical CrossTrainer is the perfect one for you to use at home because it was designed solely for home use. You get the same features that you would find on commercial models so you have the full effect in your training routines as you would have at a professional gym or heath fitness center.

The dual action handlebars make sure that you get the workout you need for the entire range of muscles in your body. With the moveable handlebars you work your arms and legs together in order to target all the major upper and lower muscles.

The heart rate monitor on this elliptical machine lets you keep track of your pulse rate while you are exercising so that you can exercise to the maximum target heart rate without overdoing it.

This machine is the perfect one for you to have if you are just getting started with an exercise routine, but more experienced exercise enthusiasts will also be able to benefit from a total workout.

The programmable option on this elliptical lets you tailor your workout to fit your individual needs. You can choose the resistance level that you need for each session or program the elliptical machine with your target heart rate and allow the machine to adjust to the proper resistance level you need to get a full cardiovascular workout.

You will be able to easily see when you reach the target heart rate and keep exercising at this level to optimize the amount of calories you burn in each session.

This elliptical still provides you with the low impact high intensity workout you have come to expect from elliptical machines. It doesn't matter whether you have back problems or if you suffer from arthritis because on one of these machines it won't do any damage.

Your feet never leave the foot pedals even though it seems as if you are walking or running. You won't feel any jarring motion because you do not have to pound your feet back down causing an impact on your feet, knees and ankles.

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