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Star Trac ellipticals review
Star Trac ellipticals review

Star Trac ellipticals review

Star Trac ellipticals are a line of fitness equipment that is the closest to natural running of any elliptical machines on the market. The Natural Runner machines provide you with a total body workout that burns more calories per session than any other elliptical.

In addition to the standard features they have places on them where you can lay a magazine, your Walkman and your water bottle. With a machine that does not have a bottle holder, you have to stop pedalling to get a drink to replenish the water your body is losing.

The natural movement of these machines is always the best to provide with a low impact workout. You don't have to try to get your body into unnatural positions in order to exercise so you are more comfortable. This means that you will be able to work longer and harder to tone up your muscles.

The machines are self-powered- the first machines to have this feature that has now become the standard in the fitness sector. They feature a quick start so that you can just get on and start working out. With these ellipticals you are assured of a safe workout because they are biomedically correct to provide your muscles with the best possible workout.

The Star Trac ellipticals feature the longest stride so that you can get your legs pumping to exercise the muscles of the lower body as much as possible. With the dual action handlebars, you move your arms simultaneously to target the muscles of the upper body as well.

The range of motion that you experience with your hips, knees and ankles is the same as you would use with walking or running but without the impact because you never have to lift your feet from the footplates.

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