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tunturi ellipticals review
tunturi ellipticals review

Tunturi ellipticals review

Tunturi ellipticals offers a whole line of fitness equipment for home use. Whether you choose a manual or programmable elliptical machine, you can improve your stamina, build strength, tone up your muscles and burn calories to give you a perfectly sculpted body.

The Tunturi ellipticals are designed with your safety in mind so that you will have a comfortable, smooth exercise routine with many advanced features to choose from.

Even on the C3 elliptical, the console display will give you information regarding the time elapsed in your session, and the number of steps you have taken. You can keep your own record of this information from one session to the next to compete with yourself and to know how well you are doing with your training.

The manual model requires batteries, but the C6 model needs to be connected to an electrical outlet. Both of the models allow you to monitor your heart rate during the exercise, but the C3 has a handgrip monitor, while the C6 uses a Polar wireless system.

There is constant resistance on the C3 model that you have to set yourself according to the level of intensity you want in your routine. On the C6 model there is a heart rate program that you can choose to use where the resistance level is set according to your target heart rate.

The C3 has a manual brake, while the C6 has an electromagnetic braking system. You can also save your favorite workouts on the C6 and enjoy the LED dot matrix display that is easy to read. There are no programs preset in the C3 model while the C6 has 8 programs for you to choose from when you want to vary your workouts.

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