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vision X6100 elliptical review
vision X6100 elliptical review

Vision X6100 elliptical review

With the vision X6100, you get a low impact exercise workout on a great weight bearing machine.

This machine features a longer arm pedal to give you a better cardio workout because of the stretch it provides to the muscles of your upper body.

The Quiet Glide technology of the X6100 combines with the longer arm length to provide you with a smoother glide than you will get on other ellipticals. It also folds up so that you can make better use of the floor space in any room.

The programmable console has 6 preset programs with different levels of intensity in order for you to vary your exercise program. The 6 programs are courses: manual, mountain, intervals, rolling, weight loss and race.

You can choose a favorite program that you want to stick with or try to work through all the programs as you become a more experienced elliptical user. The LCD display gives you the information you need about your time, distance, speed and the calories you burn each time.

It scrolls throughout the routine to give you continuous feedback while you are exercising. This feature helps to keep you motivated to keep going whenever you start to get tired and want to stop.

The pedals have a 2 for 1 system so that you can use the machine as a glider or a stepper when you want to vary your routine.

The magnetic resistance feature on this machine lets you control the amount of resistance with a push of a button, so you can change it whenever you want during the program without interrupting your stride.

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